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We are connecting founders and mentors to catalyze a viable, sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem in the greater Charlotte region.

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There is strength in numbers and there is strength in knowledge. Together we can go far.

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We get by with a little help from our friends! Being an entrepreneur doesn’t need to be a lonely journey. Our team of mentors is ready to help you scale your venture.

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The Launch Effect

We have supported over 140 Ventures

More than 60% of our founders are female or minority

We have over 100 active mentors

We have supported over 165 Founders

Our mentors have experience in more than 20 different industries

“Developing a physical product is full of unique challenges, so having access to mentors with direct experience and success in that field has been amazing. Our mentors have been a great resource and sounding board for questions, advice, and encouragement!”

Carly Rhyne
Co-founder, Ellipticraft

“I could not be happier with my experience in the LaunchCLT mentor program. My mentors, Scott and Chris, have provided invaluable insight and guidance through every phase of my startup from idea conception to the upcoming launch. I can definitively say I wouldn’t be where I am in my startup journey without this program and its resources.”

Casey Bruce
Founder, FlashMaps

“LaunchCLT provides founders with both a safety net and launching pad through its mentorship & community. I’m deeply grateful for my brilliant mentors who have offered me great encouragement and hard scrabble wisdom on this entrepreneurial journey. I am braver and more equipped to make a positive impact because of LaunchCLT.”

Tamara Park
Founder, StoryNow

“I have had the great fortune of meeting some incredibly talented, ambitious and creative founders as a mentor with LaunchCLT. What I didn’t expect was the fellowship and learning from the mentor community. It’s very rewarding to enjoy their wisdom, experience and capability. I never leave our mentors’ meeting without having learned something new.”

Scott Smith