We Exist to Develop
Stronger Entreprenuers

We match local entrepreneurs with experienced mentors as a high impact, low cost, scalable way to enhance startup success.

Quality Connections

Lead the Next Generation

Share experience, offer support, build confidence in future entrepreneurs.

You Might Be A Good Mentor If …

Desire to Give Back

This is the most important characteristic of every mentor. Our mentors have no personal agenda and they take pride in developing the next generation of entrepreneurs

Time to Participate

We make time for what we care about. The minimum commitment for our mentors is equivalent to 1-2 days per month, including a monthly mentor meeting and 2-3 mentoring sessions

Significant + Relevant Experience

Our mentors are seasoned entrepreneurs and investors, financial gurus and engineers. They are industry experts and strategic thinkers, corporate leaders and educators. They coach founders to make better decisions

Tested Approach

Access to a Team of Mentors

Based on the MIT Venture Mentoring Service, LaunchCLT uses a team mentoring methodology and a formal process to create the best experience for all. Entrepreneurs meet with a team of volunteer mentors in ongoing, confidential meetings, and mentors commit to avoiding conflict of interest and strict confidentiality.

Our Guiding Principles

We Exist to Develop Stronger Entrepreneurs

We do this by…


Ensuring access to support for all entrepreneurs, regardless of gender, race, religion, color, national origin or sexual orientation


Being consistently aware, thoughtful, competent, and human-centered in the ways we lead


Creating a conflict-free, transparent, trusted environment


Facilitating team-driven, in-person mentor relationships


Overseeing a formal, sustainable process


Assuring rules of engagement between mentor & entrepreneur


Creating a culture where conflict of interest is avoided

“Developing a physical product is full of unique challenges, so having access to mentors with direct experience and success in that field has been amazing. Our mentors have been a great resource and sounding board for questions, advice, and encouragement!”

Carly Rhyne
Co-founder, Ellipticraft

“I could not be happier with my experience in the LaunchCLT mentor program. My mentors, Scott and Chris, have provided invaluable insight and guidance through every phase of my startup from idea conception to the upcoming launch. I can definitively say I wouldn’t be where I am in my startup journey without this program and its resources.”

Casey Bruce
Founder, FlashMaps

“LaunchCLT provides founders with both a safety net and launching pad through its mentorship & community. I’m deeply grateful for my brilliant mentors who have offered me great encouragement and hard scrabble wisdom on this entrepreneurial journey. I am braver and more equipped to make a positive impact because of LaunchCLT.”

Tamara Park
Founder, StoryNow

“I have had the great fortune of meeting some incredibly talented, ambitious and creative founders as a mentor with LaunchCLT. What I didn’t expect was the fellowship and learning from the mentor community. It’s very rewarding to enjoy their wisdom, experience and capability. I never leave our mentors’ meeting without having learned something new.”

Scott Smith

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